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Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu

Gerardo Rodriguez-Albizu

I can spend the next few moments reviewing my achievements representing clients, I can dazzle you with my prior training (where I studied, the honors I graduated with, the internships I did while in law school, the firms I worked at previously).  All that is important, but in reality, what does any of that mean to you?  How does that differentiate me from any other attorney biography you’ve read in the past or maybe are currently reading as you decide who will represent you in your fertility journey?

What sets me apart from other attorneys is I have been there, I have lived this journey, and I understand what you are going through. Continue reading to hear about our family’s struggle with infertility. You will see our story is raw and emotional. So, yes, while you want an attorney that has the “right” credentials, you also want someone who understands you.

Read about my fertility journey.

I understand all too well the complex emotions you are probably experiencing in trying to start your family.  I can relate to your feelings, not because I have represented hundreds of intended parents who have similar needs, but because my wife and I suffered through infertility over an agonizing four years.  It seemed that we were in a labyrinth, until we were finally blessed with a pregnancy that took, gestation to term (well, almost), and we were able to hold the ultimate gift any of us could receive in this life – holding your newly born child in your arms for the very first time.

I get it; I know it; I understand it.  I have traveled that rollercoaster of emotions.  I have had to deal with my wife locking herself in our room for literally an entire weekend while refusing to talk with me about how she was feeling.  I have attended far too many family events, children’s birthdays, and social gatherings – alone – because my wife could not, or better stated, would not attend these events.  I have had to create one too many excuses justifying her absence at social engagements.  I have had to sit in one too many physician appointments listening to why my wife miscarried; why the latest IUI didn’t work; why the next time should work if only we give it one more shot.  I had to endure sitting in a physician’s examination room, my wife completely undressed save a patient’s gown, and wait for over two hours for the physician to finally grace us with their presence.  I’ve been there, done that.  I’ve had to sit there watching my wife’s eyes well up with pain while the physician gave us the next round of “bad news.”  I’ve never felt so helpless in my life.

And I will candidly admit to you that I didn’t understand any of it; I couldn’t control any of it; and worse yet, I couldn’t say or do anything to comfort my wife.  I know the pain; your pain.

I also know the joy; the warmth; the amazement; the wonder; the awe, of holding my boys in my arms for the first time.  I know the excitement that comes with each passing week of the pregnancy; the anticipation; the never-ending thoughts of what it will be like, how our lives will change once our boys are welcomed – finally – into this world.  I still remember to this day our first fetal heartbeat ultrasound – listening to the rhythmic and mystical vibrations of their infinitesimally small hearts beating.  I know the excitement of driving to the hospital on the day our boys were born.

And I want you to experience these same emotions – and more.

Yes, I am an attorney.  I can provide you with a litany of all my achievements representing clients, try to dazzle you with my qualifications and prior training (where I studied, the honors I graduated with, the internships I did while in law school, the firms I worked at previously).  All that is important, and if you care to read that kind of biography, click here to read it on our main firm’s website.  But in reality, what does any of that mean to you?  In the end, I confess it probably means little to you.

Fertility law is unique, unlike any other area of law I have studied or practiced.  Yes, you want an attorney that has the “right” credentials.  But in the end, you want someone who understands you – what you’re going through and the journey you’ve embarked on.

I had the big firm job.  I represented Fortune 500 companies, banks, real estate developers, businesses of all shapes and sizes.  But I left my big firm job in large part because I could not do what my heart truly desired to do with my skills and training – help others who like myself wanted to start their families but could not do so “traditionally.”

I am a litigator by training, and most importantly, by professional practice.  Virtually every day I write and revise contracts and I defend my client’s rights in court.  I am not afraid of the courtroom, of taking a deposition, of presenting novel issues to a judge.

To be clear, not a single one of my fertility law clients has ever had the need to defend their surrogacy and/or donation agreement in court.  Were I to need an attorney, I would choose an attorney who knows the courtroom; an experienced attorney who would not have to refer the matter to a colleague because they themselves did not feel they were capable of or competent enough to represent their client’s rights under a surrogacy or donation agreement.  That is what I believe differentiates me and our firm from the majority of fertility law practitioners in Florida.

I am ready and look forward to helping you accomplish what has been my ultimate success in life – being there for the birth of my children and holding them in my arms for the first time.  And I will be here for you every step of the way when you are ready for the same.  I am only a phone call or email away.