International Intended Parents

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Florida Fertility Legal Services assists many different clients with issues related to assisted reproductive technology (ART) law.

The ability to provide legal services to international Intended parents is an honor and privilege for us. Every person has the right to pursue becoming a parent through assisted reproductive technology. This is something we are exceptionally passionate about given our history and struggle with fertility issues.

Our mission is to ensure peace of mind for our international clients by assisting with gamete (egg, sperm and embryo) donation agreements and gestational surrogacy agreements. Our experience, specifically as it relates to our international clients give us the skills and resources needed to help you on your journey.

Whether you are coming to South Florida because your country does not have the fertility services you need, or because the wait times for obtaining services are just too long, our firm can guide you through the fertility legal process and ensure that you are protected from a legal standpoint.

Regardless of where you are located, we offer full support for our international clients and we vow to provide customized legal solutions for your situation. It is important to note, you may need to speak with a family law or immigration attorney in your country to ensure your child is able to safely return home with you to your country of origin. We will be happy to work with your attorney to ensure a smooth, stress-free and happy homecoming.